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Eco-Structures International is a specialist engineering advisory firm focusing on construction, energy and the environment.   We source, develop and partner with leading international firms with unique yet proven and Dubai Municipality Systems Approved, technologies that reduce energy consumption, speed up construction, reduce/reuse/recycle waste, treat water, improve indoor air quality, increase safety & liveability.



TermoDeck HVAC: Proven Technology, Innovative HVAC System

Every sector in our economy is affected by the fact that upwards of 75% of all power produced in the GCC is consumed by air-conditioning. With our innovative approaches to construction and energy, we intend to revolutionize current patterns of production and consumption, optimize resource utilization and enhance building system effectiveness. Essentially, we want to help the region build future-proof, circular urban environments.


By integrating one of our partners' prime technologies - TermoDeck® - into the construction industry,  installed AC capacity of new projects can be reduced by 50% - proven in the GCC environment.

Similar systems have emerged on the market, but TermoDeck is the oldest and most sophisticated operation, having been reviewed by academic and technical professionals worldwide for over 40 years, and dubbed "mercifully bulletproof" in a UK government Building Performance Evaluation's Technical report. 


 Awards, 6 Categories

Voted the Region's Best Building Envelope Supplier, Best Indoor Air Quality, Best Air Movement/ Ventilation, Sustainability Medal, Innovation Medal, Project of the Year and Green School of the Year

TermoDeck® Buildings fulfill high requirements from an energy, enviromental and thermal comfort perspective. Eco-Structures was awarded the 2018 MENA Green Building Awards for TermoDeck the 2018 Climate Control Awards and National and Regional Winner of the 2019 MEED Project Awards. A modest addition to the hundreds of awards and certifications such as BREEAM, LEED, Passive House standard, Miljöbyggnad, etc. for TermoDeck green buildings worldwide. 


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Super Buildings that Cool and act like a Battery

TermoDeck®, developed in Sweden, is a proprietary proven system that takes advantage of the thermal storage capacity of concrete to regulate the internal temperatures and slash the energy required to cool and heat our homes and workplaces. The TermoDeck® system eliminates the ducts and false ceilings used in conventional AC systems and stores and circulates the air inside the fabric of the building structures, lowering materials costs and reduces floor-to-floor height, allowing for additional built-up areas or additional floors.

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Passive + Active Cooling

TermoDeck® is not a product. TermoDeck® is an innovative, specialized engineering, design and supervision service for new build and select retrofits. TermoDeck® uses precast hollowcore slabs, or embedded ducts within in-situ concrete or post-tension slabs, to store energy (radiant cooling) and act as conduits for supply (ventilation). Cooled, dehumidified and filtered air from chillers/AHUs (or FCU’s) pass through voids in the building’s slabs overnight, and cooling energy is stored for use when temperatures peak during the day.

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Uniquely Saves Energy & Cuts Building Costs

In the GCC, where 75% of all power generated is consumed by AC. TermoDeck® reduces the installed AC capacity by 50%, thus cutting the total connected load to the grid by 30-35%, and reducing electrical connection costs. This reduced load overcomes potential power limitations at the site, and enables the construction of the maximum built-up area. The elimination or reduction of false ceilings cuts materials costs and reduces floor-to-floor height, allowing for additional floors within the specified height limits..

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Reduced Peak Load

With the advent of smart meters and time-of-use electricity tariffs, daytime prices will increase, while nighttime prices will be cut. Conventional AC (double TermoDeck in terms of chiller capacity) will be operating primarily at the peak power prices,  while TermoDeck AC (approx. 50% of conventional AC capacity) will be operating a majority of its time at higher efficiencies and at nighttime/off-peak tariffs, increasing OpEx savings dramatically.


Reduced Capital & Operational Expense

Lower CapEx: TermoDeck cuts installed AC capacity by 50% (i.e. smaller chillers), and eliminates fan coil units (FCU's)/chilled water network. TermoDeck also cuts the total electrical load to the grid, reducing connection charges.

Lower OpEx: TermoDeck reduces electricity consumption, and centralizes all maintenance to roof-mounted equipment (i.e. little or no mechanical HVAC equipment inside the building), resulting in a sharply reduced for HVAC-related O&M and electricity consumption.


Preventing Sick Building Syndrome

TermoDeck® has received awards for exceptional environmental performance, health & safety, and occupant comfort. Our fresh air component is significantly higher and dust and particulates average 69% lower than prevailing standards. Bacteria, mold and fungus have been measured to reach up to 97% lower than prevailing standards.


Decreased Carbon Footprint & Greenhouse Emissions

CO2 emissions are heavily reduced in TermoDeck® buildings, since TermoDeck reduces the energy consumption by 25-35% compared to equivalent buildings that use conventional AC.


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