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Hospitals, schools, libraries and government offices using our technologies have proven track records of cleaner, better, healthier air. 


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Man General Hospital

TermoDeck & IAQ

A healthy homes, schools and offices shouldn't be a luxury, Our system is low cost to build and maintain, revolutionizing HVAC by integrating fresh and filtered air into the existing fabric of a building, eliminating bacteriological growth, mold and fungus from ducts and airspace and allowing us to breathe healthier air at no added cost and with no extra materials. That is why hospitals specializing in immune-depressed and related illness turn to TermoDeck.

Download our brief introduction to Termodeck and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

TermoDeck, Human Health & SDG 


Our vision is to completely disrupt the construction industry by working with partners to set new baseline standards for Thermal Energy Storage (TES) systems in in HVAC to ensure that energy is fully exploited, and not supplied and consumed beyond sustainable limits. We seek to shift the mindset of the industry so it uses technology to mimic rather than replace natural systems. Eco-Structures works with major developers and governments and appeals to consultants, architects and engineers to design this clean HVAC system into the buildings they construct. Our dual focus on affordability, low emissions and high air quality for human health can help us directly and indirectly achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals to which we are committed.