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Precooll plus solar PV
Precooll (flatbed and V-chillers)
PreCooll panels

Oxycom (Holland) is the worldwide leader in dual-stage adiabatic cooling and ventilation.  Oxycom  is successfully in use at industrial facilities and data centers worldwide, both in very hot and very cold climates, reducing energy consumption, improving the indoor environment and reducing costs. Oxycom is ideal for retrofits as well as new builds, significantly cutting operations & maintenance (O&M) costs, thus generating superior ROI.

Oxycom has two primary products: PreCooll and IntrCooll.



PreCooll (TM)

Oxycom's patented PreCooll (TM) technology is a great add-on to either flatbed or v-shaped chiller condensing units. Pre-cooling the condensers increases their efficiency (~2% COP improvement for every 1°C reduction in temperature) thus reducing energy consumption.



PreCooll Benefits:


​​​​​​​​​​​Click this link for more information and case studies from various industries

IntrCooll (TM)


Oxycom's patented IntrCooll (TM) is a dual-stage adiabatic cooling and ventilation system that is ideal for large industrial facilities and data centers. IntrCooll uses 100% fresh air to reduce outdoor temperatures 10 to 15°C. This results in 80-90% less energy consumption compared to conventional air conditioning.


IntrCooll can be used for direct cooling with 100% fresh air, and for pre-cooling AHU supply air. IntrCooll can be modified to provide heating as well.

IntrCooll uses both direct and indirect adiabatic cooling. Compared to direct adiabatic cooling, IntrCooll uses up to 30% less water while achieving a significantly higher web-bulb efficiency. It can also provides lower temperatures and improves internal humidity.

IntrCooll ensures stable and comfortable temperature and humidity year-round – boosting productivity, cooling 100% fresh and filtered outside air in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly manner, with up to 90% lower energy consumption.

Click this link for more data and case studies from various inustries

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  • Reduce incoming air temperature (pre-cool) up to 25°C

  • Increase Cooling Capacity up to 20%

  • Peak Power Reduction up to 30%

  • Reduce Energy Consumption up to 40%

  • Boost Compressor EER 39%

  • Increase COP up to 31%

  • Reduce Compressor power up to 13%

  • Reduce compressor peak loads

  • Longer chiller life


  • Reduced fan speed


  • Cut noise levels


AHU and Condenser Pre-Cooling

Data Centers

Distribution Centers / Warehouses

Food Processing Plants / Industrial Bakeries


Industrial Processing Plants

Indoor Athletic Facilities

Metal works

Printing & Graphics




PreCooll ™

Condenser pre-cooling

  • Modular system with integrated water distribution


  • Highly efficient aluminum fin material


  • Can use tap water


  • Corrosion resistant, hydrophilic and hygroscopic coating


  • Enhanced heat transfer coefficient of 200 W/m2.K (compared to 40 W/m2.K for plate heat exchangers)


  • Self-cleaning design with no risk of legionella


  • Superior cooling with low pressure drop


  • 89-93% saturation efficiency


  • Reduces energy consumption for any type of AC in all climates


  • Peak-load reduction


  • Increased cooling capacity

       IntrCooll ™

AHU pre-cooling & Space Cooling

Compared to conventional AC:

  • ~80-90% lower energy consumption

  • ~90% lower CO2 emissions

  • ~10% more worker productivity

  • ~14% less sick days

Compared to other direct adiabatic cooling systems:

  • ~4 deg C lower temperature

  • ~30% lower water use

  • ~30% reduced CO2 emissions

  • ~70% lower moisture increase

  • ~50% higher comfort

  • Peak-load reduction

  • Increased cooling capacity

Can add heat-reclaim module for heating in colder climates.

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