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1. Assists Organizations transition back to normal:


Accurate and timely info is critical for the public, medical professionals and government (police, fire, emergency, airports/border control, education, municipal services, courts).


2. Early Detection:


Helps early identification of people potentially infected with COVID-19 for follow-up testing. Preventative, preemptive healthcare is key to control the Covid-19 pandemic, and continuous measurement of temperatures is a vital tool. TLM integrates wearable sensors into people’s daily routine, generating reliable data with minimum disruption. Can add the functionality of Symptom Tracking, where users can report how they are feeling throughout the day and provide confirmation of infection.


3. Quarantine Management:


Infected individuals are isolated and treated. Temperature & location monitoring continues during quarantine.

4. Contact Tracing:


Early and precise identification of specific people exposed to infected person for targeted follow-up testing/treatment. Testing personnel and disinfection of people and places are key to stopping the spread of Coronavirus. TLM sensor tags communicate with each other autonomously, without supervisory control. So phone / sensor vibrates when users get closer than 6 feet/2m, or other preset parameter. System can operate at even much closer distances.


5. Identify specific areas infected person used for targeted disinfection.


TLM allows you to: (a) accurately track disinfection equipment and monitor personnel indoors & outdoors. (b) Accurately monitor and record movement of people in buildings. Identify personnel entering/exiting sanitized/quarantined areas. (c) Monitor and identify users and visitors to each site. (d) Identify areas that have been or are currently being disinfected.

6. Reduces pressure on healthcare resources and services and strengthen the application and reliability of social distancing.


Eliminates a significant amount of conventional equipment and processes. Streamlines data collection, contact tracing, forensic analysis, notifications, alarms, data analytics, and logs.


7. Applications:


  • Health: Hospitals, Clinics.

  • Essential Services: Municipal Services, Power/Water production. Oil & Gas Processing, Food/Medical Production, Construction, Staff Accommodations, Logistics.

  • Security: Military, Border Control, Police, Fire, Prisons.

  • Travel / Hospitality: Airport, Airlines, Hotels, Retail.

8. Data Security / Anonymity / Analytics:


All data encrypted and anonymized. Users approve 3rd party notification. Anonymized statistical metadata rapidly identifies unusual clusters of infection (early warning system spread of disease).

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