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Thermodynamic Solar Hot Water

Traditional solar hot water panels have several limitations. They only work during daylight and on warm, sunny days. And without regular maintenance their output efficiency suffers. 


Energie's (Portugal) thermodynamic solar panels work day and night, in sunlight or in the shade, and from -15 to 50 deg C. They require minimal maintenance, can be stacked, placed in the shade or even indoors, yet still provide hot water for domestic use, underfloor heating, swimming pool heating and commercial/institutional applications (e.g. hospitals, hotels, greenhouses, aquaculture/farms).


Energie Solar Thermodynamic solar hot water (SHW) produces hot water at very high efficiency, and provides significant Operations & Maintenance  savings.


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Aquaculture Farms

Food Processing Plants




Laundry Facilities

Military Barracks

Remote Locations

Residential Buildings

Residential Homes



Swimming Pools

Domestic / Home Application


Energie Solar Hot Water Provides:

  • Domestic hot water requirements

  • Underfloor heating

  • Swimming pool heating and

  • Outdoor pavement heating (for de-icing)

Solar Hot water for domestic water, underfloor heating and swimming pool heating
Energie SHW images.009.jpeg
  • Produces Hot Water Day & Night; Summer & Winter; Sun/Rain/Snow

  • Rugged: Anodized and Painted Aluminum, With Solokote 

  • Operating Range: -10 Deg C (14 Deg F) up to 50 Deg C (122 Deg F)

  • Lightweight & Compact: Only 8 Kg / Dimensions: 2m X 0,8m

  • Easy to Transport and Install

  • No Glass, Rubber or Fragile Materials

  • No Risk of Overheating or Freezing Damage

  • High Resistance to Saline Environments and Humidity

  • Can Be Installed Facing South, East or West; Vertically or Horizontally

  • Can Be Installed on The Roof, Wall, Garage, Etc.

  • Does Not Lose Efficiency with Time or Dirt

  • No Need to Clean

  • Estimated Useful Life > 25 Years

  • Solarkeymark Certified

Energie (Portugal) has received many international certifications for its products:

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