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Temperature & Location Monitoring (TLM)


Wearable Sensors for Better Health 

Temperature & Location Monitoring (TLM) is a wearable sensor-based solution that helps with the early detection of COVID-19 infections (easier treatment/reduce infectivity). TLM continuously monitors core body temperature of users, and provides continuous location information of users within buildings/structures  and/or outside. TLM makes contact tracing far more precise, and helps to quickly and accurately identify any people a potentially infected person was in contact with.


TLM ensures strict data privacy and security and is designed to be compatible with regulations such as EU's GDPR, Canada's PIPEDA, etc. TLM can also integrate with other sensors, wearables and data streams to provide  more tailored solution for each client.


  • For staff, visitors, quarantined persons, cured individuals

  • Continuously monitor user core body temperature and location

  • Triggers real-time alarm (app/text/email/etc.) when core body temperature rises above pre-determined threshold

  • Helps reinforce accurate social distancing and detailed contact tracing

  • TLM can integrate with other sensors, wearables and data streams to provide

    more tailored solution for each client

  • Monitors disinfection process (equipment and personnel) indoors & outdoors

  • Ensures data security and privacy

TLM differs significantly from other COVID-19 solutions on the market. It uniquely offers both very high accuracy of location and core body temperature, and is unlike other solutions which take surface temperature snapshots (providing no continuous location information), or which provide inaccurate location information but with no temperature measurement.


Even slight increases in core body temperatures (in tenths of degrees) which still allow the human body can still function normally are registered and enable the user to get an advance alert to prompt early testing.

And in the event the user is totally asymptomatic yet is infectious to others, the location accuracy capability of TLM enables very precise identification of other users with whom they were in contact with - times, places, durations, and so help identify potential infected people and contain the spread of the virus.

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TLM is currently deployed in the USA and is live and ready for large scale deployment.

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